Nowadays, there are so many people open to more than a “standard relationship”. There is no need to commit when you don’t have to. If all you are looking for is a quick fuck every now and again, finding the perfect fuckbuddy would work really well for the type of (non)relationship that you are looking for. For argument’s sake, let’s say you are sticking firm on the fact that you want to find a fuckbuddy. But where do you go searching for one? There are an abundance of different options we can use in order to find our perfectly orgasmic match. The best part? If you are a bit shy or new to the fuckbuddy game, you can always take it slow and start by meeting online. All you need is a little information, (which we will be providing to you,) and some confidence. So, how will you decide to find your next fuckbuddy?

Fuck Sites

Fuck sites are a very simplistic way of finding someone who you are attracted to since you click based on their photos….and their profile but who are we kidding? Sure, there is the chance that you come across a catfish or two, (which is why you always do some digging to ensure they are who they say they are prior to meeting up in person,) or run into someone who wastes a bit of your time, but if you are upfront with what you are looking for, you will absolutely find someone you connect with. Fuck sites are flooded with people looking for hookups, so get in on that and get it in!


Chat rooms are filled with horny singles/couples looking to get it in. There are specific chat rooms that are aimed at people looking to hookup/video chat. Everyone is full of hormones and ready to go. Come prepared…these conversations are not for the faint of heart.


This is an obvious one – everybody has had at least one night where they took one too many tequila shots and ended up going home with the bartender. Bars are the perfect place for singles to go, mingle, loosen up and find someone to take home. This one (almost) never fails. If you are looking for a consistent fuckbuddy, going home with someone who is intoxicated and may not remember the entire night might not be the best idea. Keep that in mind!


If you have an acquaintance that you have always fancied, why not go for it?! See where their mind is at: ask them out for coffee, a cocktail or to go out one night with you and your friends. Cess out the situation and go from there. You have to be bold with this one – you never know if you don’t try. An acquaintance turned fuckbuddy is absolutely perfect for those of us who want to have a bit of an emotional connection to the person we are with, or for those of us that want to feel a bit more secure in our fuckbuddy-ship.