The words and “monogamous” and “fuckbuddy” may sound odd next to one another; what’s the point of fucking someone monogamously while not being in a committed relationship with said individual? At first, we thought that the idea was pretty ridiculous – that is until we tried it for ourselves. There are so many benefits to deciding to go monogamous with your fuckbuddy. We can’t see ourselves going back to the way things were before now that we have experienced this new kind of relationship. With new boundaries come new freedoms and a heck of a lot more sexy time than you would think…without all of the waiting around and wondering if you are going to get laid that night. So what’s the point of having a monogamous fuckbuddy? Below, we have outlined a couple of our favorite perks that come along with a monogamous fuckbuddy relationship.


Having the consistency of one person that you know you can booty call on the weekends and get it on with after a stressful day at work. Having someone reliable instead of going to a bar and hoping you find someone you find attractive enough for a quick fuck, or get your beer goggles on and let the mistakes hit you in the face….with a rando’s penis, is so much better.

No Regrets

If you stick to your monogamous fuckbuddy-ship, your wild nights out might end in regret in the form of a hangover, but you won’t have to worry about rolling over only to find a stranger in your room, or find yourself in a stranger’s room. If you stick to your monogamous fuckbuddy-ship, the need for an amazing, stress-relieving orgasm won’t drive you to sleep with someone who you would otherwise never sleep with. If you stick to your monogamous fuckbuddy-ship, you will have a more fulfilling, stable sex life.

You never know…

You never know what you’re getting yourself into when you embark on the journey of having multiple fuckbuddies. The chances of meeting someone and having amazing sex are very slim, so when you find that person then you better hold onto them and lock them down as your mono. fuckbuddy. Enough of wasting your time on bad sex.


Sticking to one person will protect you in more ways than one. Enough said.

Exploration And Comfort

By allowing yourself to stick to one fuckbuddy, the possibilities for amazing sex open up exponentially; this will give the two of you the time to learn one another’s bodies, get comfortable with one another, and maybe you will even begin to explore parts of your sexuality/things you have always wanted to try in bed that you never thought you would try, nevertheless be able to voice.

No Commitment

This is the perfect “companionship” for someone who is single and loving it, or for someone who simply isn’t ready for something serious yet: there is no commitment, nothing too high is at stake, and you get all of those adult needs met. There’s no need to be 30 years old, walking around horny and alone. Go grab yourself a fuckbuddy.