Reality check: Meeting and fucking can be tricky, especially in 2021. But with a little help from the internet and some tips on how to find a babe, you’ll easily reach your goals of finding a fuckbuddy. It comes down to standing out among the crowd of daters on fuck sites. Doing that is actually easier than you think, but if you don’t have anyone pointing you in the right direction, it can seem like you’ll never get laid. Read this article to find out how to properly display yourself on a meet and fuck site in order to land the sexiest women.

Don’t Be Creepy, Don’t Be Cheesy

You’re on a fuck site, so half the work is already done for you. It’s obvious from being on the site alone that you’re going to be introduced to a ton of women who are horny and want to fuck. You don’t have to overdo it by being overtly sexual with every interaction, sexting immediately, or using a corny pick-up line. Avoid the cliches and try to be calm, cool, and collected. You don’t have to play hard to get, but you don’t have to overshoot either. Here are some dos and don’ts that will help you not be creepy or cheesy:

  • Avoid pick-up lines in your bio
  • Let the sexting happen naturally
  • Don’t just send a nude right off the bat
  • Butter her up first with a compliment
  • Flirt but don’t be pushy
  • Use personable photos in your profile
  • Avoid shirtless photos unless you’ve got the body for it

Get Real

Women on fuck sites appreciate it when a man can be honest with himself and her about his intentions and desires. In other words, don’t be the chameleon that you think every girl wants to meet. Be yourself. There are so many users on meet and fuck sites and tons of fish in the sea. If one chick doesn’t jive with the real you, move on. That’s what makes these sites so awesome and fun to use.

Use Fuckable Photos

This means something different for guys than it does for girls in hetero relationships. When a woman posts a thirst trap, men usually see it as fuckable. The opposite happens when a man tries to do the same. It’s a lame double-standard, but it’s how the world works all the same. A guy who is trying to look sexual and horny in his photos comes across as creepy. What’s hotter to a woman is someone who looks personable. Smile and make sure you have some clear shots of your face. Women don’t want to have to dig to find out what you actually look like because you’ve only posted photos of yourself wearing sunglasses. Ditch them and show them that you’re a normal dude who would be fun to hang out with. Showing athleticism in your photos is cool too, along with some slight braggy shots that show you’ve got money. We’re not saying you should step in front of a Rolls -Royce in all your drip to pose like a lame influencer. Photos at nice restaurants or on boats will do the trick.

Smart Is Sexy

One major mistake that guys make when flirting with a hot girl on a fuck site is that they don’t pay attention to their grammar at all. They use the vernacular they’d use in their regular speaking voice. They might throw a “yo” or “shawty” in there too. Get rid of all that. Sounding intellectual will turn a woman on, whether she knows it or not.


Hookup sites are supposed to be fun, laid-back, and even silly at times. Smiling in your photos and while you send messages will help you out in a major way. Taking it so seriously can make it weird fast, so remember to lighten up when you are messaging someone. Throw in some casual jokes every now and then too, so that she smiles too.