When it comes to meeting someone to fuck on a fuck site, there is no such thing as being too blunt – there is no time to be shy when you’re on the hunt for those toe-curling multiple orgasms you’ve been missing dearly since you decided to swear off men after your last relationship, (that may or may not have ended a little over a year ago.) We all have needs and you should not be ashamed of reaching for the stars and meeting the perfect fuck friend. This isn’t a full-on relationship where you are going to be living together, have three dogs and two kids with a white picket fence; there is absolutely no need to compromise. You are both here for one reason, and that is to get naked, sweaty, and satisfied. So, how exactly does one go about finding their perfect fuckbuddy after finding the perfect site?

Be Shallow

We repeat….BE. SHALLOW. You are meeting to have sex. Everything you need to know is about attraction – you’re a couple of people with a mutual attraction to one another, helping each other to satisfy the same need. So why in the world would you settle for someone that doesn’t completely and utterly turn you on? Be picky! If you have always fantasized about someone tall, dark, and handsome, don’t just say okay to the first short blonde that comes your way. There are plenty of fish in this sea of fucking, and tons of folks to meet on fuck sites.

Be Bold

When looking for a fuckbuddy, there is no time to be shy. You are all on the site for the exact same reason so just go out there and own it. Say exactly what you are looking for; be as specific as possible and don’t mince words. Get super detailed and don’t shy away from letting your deepest fantasies be known. This is your time to allow yourself the freedom to be completely uninhibited and go after, (and get,) exactly what you want out of a relationship.

Be Aligned

One thing that is true for every relationship is that you must be aligned in some way or else it is going to fall apart. In this particular case, there is, once again absolutely no reason to settle. I know we keep saying it, but we want to drill this into your head. As the conversation flows more freely with your potential fuckbuddy, be as blunt as you can. Ask them exactly what they are looking for. Maybe they are looking to explore themselves sexually or act out specific fantasies….the list goes on and on. If you are looking for some tender loving and he is looking to be tied up and slapped, maybe it’s time to move on. Now go get yours!

Be Guarded

Lastly, please BE GUARDED when using fuck sites. Do not give out your information to anybody and make sure you meet on neutral grounds the first couple of times. You don’t want to end up in a compromising situation simply because you just had to have that orgasm.