Whether you have been messing around with your fuckbuddy for an hour or a year, there is always room to spice things up in the bedroom…especially when your entire relationship revolves around fucking. There are only so many different ways to use a hand, a mouth, a tongue, or even a foot. That’s what toys are for. There is such a wide variety of sex toys out on the market in this “Free The Nipple” age we are living in, that there is absolutely no way that you won’t find something that suits your particular needs. From edibles to toys able to be used by two partners, this list is sure to heat up that foreplay, add some more fun to your nighttime playtime, and make for a longer-lasting orgasm.


Flavored Lube

It is always a good idea to cater to each and every inch of the body of a hot girl. After all, there is more to sex than just punching in and out like you used to at that high school gas station job you hated so much. Take your time and make their bodies even more irresistible by playing around with flavored lube. Not only will you excite your partner with your new tongue moves, you will also be getting a little treat yourself. There is no way to make sex more delicious!


Vibrator + Ring

If you want to add a little something during the phsyical act of….fucking, a cock ring/vibrator duo might just be the thing for you. It will satisfy both partners at once and doesn’t only have to be used during sex to intensify sensations, you can also use it during foreplay or solo play.



If you happen to trust your partner enough, adding in some restraints or even a blindfold can really turn up the heat. Being at the mercy of another human being, or being the one in control can almost be too hot to handle. Let yourself go and really savor each swipe of a fingertip and flick of a tongue while in complete darkness, unable to move. Aren’t you squirming just thinking about it?



Coupling some candle play with a restraint and a blindfold will make for an unforgettable night. However, if you want to be adventurous but not THAT adventurous, it’s time to try some wax play. You can go to any local sex shop and buy candles specifically made for those sexy times. If you like a little danger, a little pain, and a lot of fire, candle play is calling your name.