We all know the drill: it’s 2 AM, you just got back home from the club where you did one too many tequila shots with the girls/the guys, and your in need of some hydration…and dehydration if ya know what we mean, (*hint hint* sex). You call up that friend you met on a fuck site and they come on over to help you finish the night off right before some well-deserved sleep. But at some point, sex can become redundant and boring if you don’t try to mix it up: the same positions, the same bedroom, the same person, the same moves…..There is no reason to ever feel bored when you are with your fuckbuddy – the entire point of a fuckbuddy is to have fun and fulfill some of those primal needs with no strings attached. It’s time to venture outside of the drunken bedroom with your boo and explore new ways to turn each other on. How can you mix it up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!


A Club With No Windows

Swingers clubs are all the rage these days, especially with so many of us being in alternative kinds of relationships. Going to a club where everybody is there for the same purpose and there is no judgment is really quite freeing. You don’t have to feel ashamed of any of your kinks and you two are sure to find someone fun to join you. If it’s your first time it can feel intimidating, so having your fuckbuddy by your side will provide some much-needed comfort if you get overwhelmed. If it’s your first time, you can just observe. Maybe you and your boo go around and comment on who looks like your type, get comfortable, and then come back another night and go in for the kill. Whether you decide to have a threesome, a foursome, just watch or have others watch you, it will be an experience you will never forget.


Fuck Outside Of Your Comfort

Why not switch up the place you and your fuckbuddy get down and dirty? Enough of the beds and hotel rooms, why not go out, get sloshed, and go at it in that dirty public bathroom or that back alley? Maybe you even get a little frisky at the bar. The idea of being caught will make it all the more hot.



If you and your fuckbuddy have decided you prefer to keep your sexy times in-house, then this could be the perfect way to mix it up. The era of sex tapes is still very much alive and if you’ve never made one, we suggest that you do. Just the thought of you two being on camera is sure to heighten those already raging hormones, And if you choose to watch it together later, you might just have another crazy night of passionate sex. Just remember that everything you record has the possibility of coming out, so we tend to do this old school with a video camera. That way you can have fun without worrying about the possibility of being exposed. Now go press that record button and get down to it!