There’s a ton of competition on meet and fuck apps these days: there are beautiful singles for days and days, willing to explore their sexuality and down for the craziest of sexual adventures. How are you going to stand out from the rest? It’s easy to get lost in a sea of faces – if you have ever been on a dating/sex/hookup app, you know that. In order to help you find that perfect sexy, kinky, horny single that you are looking to go to pound town with, we have listed a couple of ways to up your chances of standing out on a hookup app.


The More Explicit, The More Chance You Have

The more explicit you are with your intentions and the more explicit you are vocalizing what you need out of a fuckbuddy, the more you will attract exactly what it is you are looking for. This means that while creating your profile, you better not shy away from that animalistic part of yourself others are sure to enjoy. Not only that, but being bold is sexy! Can you imagine the sparks that will fly when you find someone just as perverted as you to do filthy things within the bedroom….or on the couch, in the bathroom, backyard, pool…? Plus, do you really think anybody is going to waste their time on someone who doesn’t know what they are looking for? The answer, in short, is most likely no. This is due to the fact that people who are ready to flirt and get down to fucking are the people most likely to use hookup apps. After all, they quite literally say that the apps aren’t for dating, but for casual sexual flings/encounters. If that doesn’t sound like something that you’re into, then you’re in the wrong place buddy.


Lingerie For Days

The more alluring the photo is, the better. In other words, put the word “spice” back into your equation and get back into the groove of taking those super sexy selfies you used to hide from your parents on a hidden folder in your phone. If you’re a woman, maybe wear something sexy and revealing, yet still leaves them wanting more. Give them a little something to look forward to. If you’re a dude, rip that shirt off and feel comfortable and confident in that skin; you are bound to show more of it as the days pass with you typing away on your new hookup app. Set yourself apart from the competition and earn yourself a fuckbuddy by upping the ante and including your favorite bedroom toys in the pictures as well: handcuffs, body paint, high heels, whips, collars…..In other words, set the scene for what is to come. Use props! And don’t forget to doll yourself up. That goes for you too, boys.


Honesty Always

Always be honest while using a hookup app. Don’t waste other people’s time. If you are truly unsure of what you are looking for but you’re willing to let someone else take the lead, then just say that! We promise, there is a fetish nowadays for EVERYTHING. A little young vanilla thing will catch someone’s attention. People will eventually find out if you’re lying, more times than not, sooner than later. People don’t talk on these sex apps for long – that defeats the whole purpose.


Choose Your Aesthetic

Choose your aesthetic based on the kinks you have/want to try. Want to try bondage? Want to be a naughty little girl who is getting spanked and punished for not listening when she was told to clean her room? Choose where to place the camera; in this case, shooting from above might give the person on the other side of the computer the impression that they are the ones standing over you, allowing them to crave you even more…talk about standing out! Then, choose what you are going to wear in the photos/what colors you want present in order to represent the character that you are going for – even if that happens to just be a sexy woman in lacy lingerie. You could always match your background to your lingerie and take photos with some dim and sexy lighting.

Lastly, remember to have fun! There is absolutely zero point of finding a fuckbuddy if you’re not having fun while doing it. The part before the fucking should be fun and should lead up to the fucking….which should also be fun. Go out there and be the fabulous slut you were always meant to be.