We get it, you love meet n fuck sites. But it’s not always easy to knab the nudes from women you actually want to meet. Something about the challenge makes it even more exciting, but at the end of the day, you want those hot pics! Yes, you could scour the interweb for hot naked photos of women at any time, but it’s the women who make you chase them that are so much more exciting.

So what exactly are the strategies for getting nudes from ladies you want to meet IRL? Whether you’re using an actual fuck site or you’re trying to get nudes out of a chick you met elsewhere, there are some tried and true methods to actually getting your hands on the dirty goods from all different categories of fuckbuddies. The best part? When you do get the goods, you can feast your eyes on them over and over again. Pics are the gift that keeps on giving!


Local Nudes

Websites like this one and plenty of others can introduce you to people in your area who are DTF. Everyone on a meet n fuck site is – you guessed it – looking to meet and fuck you! But you certainly don’t have time to meet all of them, so you want to get some nudes out of the women who you don’t invite over for casual sex. And it’s so easy.

The key is to not be super creepy but to also be direct. Start chatting with someone and casually bring up the exchange of pics. Because you’re already on a fuck site, the chances that someone will be down to send you hot photos are pretty high and very much in your favor. As long as you are smooth about it and not pushy, you will probably get that picture of boobs or more that you are totally hungry for. These sites are all about manufacturing hot, intimate moments with strangers in your area. So have at it cowboy!


From Chicks On Social Media

Ok, this is when it gets trickier. How many times have you slid into some hotties direct messages only to find that they leave you on read when you ask them for pics? Annoying, right? But there are guys all over the world who are actually messaging these women and getting the same response that they would if they were on an actual fuck site. So, it’s time to take the methods that have worked and apply them to your strategy!

On social sites, you really have to play a game. You can’t go for the plunge of asking for dirty stuff without the foreplay of flirting. You need to stroke the kitty’s ego before getting a pic of the puss. So, make sure you talk about hoe gorgeous she is and even ask some non-sexual questions. Tell her that it would “make your day” if she could send you something naughty. And, if one doesn’t bite there are plenty more women out there who will!

Be careful of women who will ask for cash in exchange, unless that’s something you’re into!


Fuck Apps

Adult apps will connect you with people in your area who either want to be taken out to dinner or who are DTF. On the apps that are less obviously about fucking, you might find that playing the game is harder. But the best way to get the naughty messages out of the good girls on this app is to suggest that you want to “get to know her” before meeting up. That way, you can start a texting rapport and slowly inch your way into the naughty stuff!

As with the other types of nudes, don’t go right for the plunge. Take your time and massage the situation. If you do this right, you’ll end up with all sorts of hot material before you even meet PLUS you’ll get to meet and fuck. So it’s a total win-win!