Different Avenues To Explore In Order To Find Your Fuckbuddy

Nowadays, there are so many people open to more than a “standard relationship”. There is no need to commit when you don’t have to. If all you are looking for is a quick fuck every now and again, finding the perfect fuckbuddy would work really well for the type of

July 29th, 2021

Monogamous Fuckbuddy: What’s The Point?

The words and “monogamous” and “fuckbuddy” may sound odd next to one another; what’s the point of fucking someone monogamously while not being in a committed relationship with said individual? At first, we thought that the idea was pretty ridiculous – that is until we tried it for ourselves. There

July 13th, 2021

Toys, Fuckbuddies, and Spicing it Up

Whether you have been messing around with your fuckbuddy for an hour or a year, there is always room to spice things up in the bedroom…especially when your entire relationship revolves around fucking. There are only so many different ways to use a hand, a mouth, a tongue, or even

June 30th, 2021

How To Meet The Perfect Fuck Friend

When it comes to meeting someone to fuck on a fuck site, there is no such thing as being too blunt – there is no time to be shy when you’re on the hunt for those toe-curling multiple orgasms you’ve been missing dearly since you decided to swear off men

June 3rd, 2021

How To Meet A Girl Through A Fuck Site

Reality check: Meeting and fucking can be tricky, especially in 2021. But with a little help from the internet and some tips on how to find a babe, you'll easily reach your goals of finding a fuckbuddy. It comes down to standing out among the crowd of daters on fuck

March 24th, 2021