So, what is a one-night stand? It’s when two people, usually strangers, meet out or get together for one night of no-strings-attached sex. It’s hooking up without any of the responsibility, and it doesn’t happen more than one time. But what happens if you meet someone, fuck them, and realize the sex was mindblowing? It might make you want to turn your one-night stand into an ongoing fuckbuddy.

The Benefits

The benefits of meeting a fuckbuddy have to do with your time, money, and quality of the sex. Let’s be honest here: Time and money are both things we spend when visiting fuck apps. We spend hours sexting hotties on the web, looking for people to meet and fuck, and spend our dollars on sites and memberships in the process. With a hot ongoing hookup, you can booty call the same person and call them whenever you feel like it without browsing any websites. If they’re a quality fuckbuddy, they’ll be available most of the time that you’re in the mood to fuck.
Another pro is that the more sex you have with someone, the better it gets. It sounds corny, but getting used to their body helps you feel more comfortable experimenting new things and makes you more confident in your own skin.

The Cons

Sure, there are some cons to having a consistent fuck. One of the biggest ones is that you lose out on variety. On fuck sites, there are so many delicious hotties to pick from! By giving that up, you are shutting yourself off to the wonderful possibilities.
Another con is that the person you decide to meet and fuck on a regular basis might start to develop feelings when you were just trying to bang and go. Or worse, you might find yourself experiencing unwanted feelings of attraction that go beyond just being physical.

How to do it

After weighing the pros and cons, you might decide that you still want to give it a go. We’ve come up with tried and true tips to turn your one-night-stand into a fuckbuddy:
Please them in bed: It might be too late for this, but the best way to make someone want to come back for more sex is to be really good at sex. Being good at sex doesn’t always mean having a sick body or great rhythm. You can bypass that if you are generous in bed. Make your fuckbuddy feel really good.
Try sexting: By sending a dirty message to your one-night-stand after the encounter, you are signaling to them that you want to fuck again. Plus, by keeping it naughty, you are showing that it’s not about feelings and just about wanting to fuck again. This is a great way to get your fuck friend back in the sack.
Keep it nice and keep it safe: When going into the fuck, make sure to always mind your manners because nobody wants to come back and fuck someone who was mean to them or unpleasant. Moreover, keep it safe. Wear protection – always!