The goal of most men on meet and fuck websites is to land a super hot fuckbuddy who can turn into a long-term friend with benefits. If you can score someone like that, the weeks or months of no sex are over for you! That’s why people sign up for meet and fuck apps – to get laid! But if you’re no good at it, you aren’t going to be able to keep anyone for longer than a one-night-stand. But we are here to help. The following tips will help you give your fuckbuddy a satisfying lay and keep her coming back for more. These are a fuckbuddy’s top sex tips for men.

Sex Toys Are Your Friend

Yup, toys are your friends, not your enemies! Many guys get weirded out by sex toys or think it makes them inadequate. In reality, the opposite is true! Women love sex toys because they provide a level of stimulation that simply isn’t humanly possible. It’s much smarter to think about the ways you can use that to your advantage rather than viewing an intimate object as your competition. So, if she brings out a toy, play along. Better yet, get your own toys that you can bring out (and clean each time before use).

Talk, Talk, Talk

Words are hot. Think about how many times you’ve gotten hard because a woman is dirty talking in your DMs or through a messenger on a fuck site. You can use your words in real life to turn her on. If you aren’t sure what to say, you can always check out some porn to inspire you. There’s usually a lot of talking in those videos and should give you an idea of what turns women on. Our advice? Look up videos specifically aimed at women.

Explore The Whole Body

Fucking is more than just penetration. Foreplay is your best friend because it usually takes women a longer time to orgasm than it does men. Plus, women can orgasm multiple times in a row. So, explore other areas of her body before getting right to penetration. This is something she’ll remember in the future and it will also help you not appear selfish in bed (that’s the real secret to get her begging for more).

Ask What She Likes

Against popular belief, the conversation doesn’t kill the mood! If you ask her what she’s into sexually, it will give you a chance to perform something she’ll really like. Ask what fantasies she’s into or what kinks she has. If you’re lucky, she’ll have some really freaky ones or some that align with your own fantasies. She might even be into threesomes. Consider the conversation as a form of foreplay and dirty talk at the same time. You’ll get some important information while turning each other on. It’s a win-win!

These tips should help you become undeniably good in bed with a woman who you meet on a fuck site. Try it out with several women and your schedule will be booked for months.