It’s the time of year for the hustle and bustle of holiday parties, and although you might never have considered it before, this just might be the year when you bring someone you met on a meet and fuck site to a holiday party. Risky, we know! Although it might sound startling at first, since fuckbuddies are not generally considered wholesome, bringing a fuck site friend to a holiday party could actually work in your favor this year.

You Could Step Out in Style

The first reason this is a good idea, is that you have a date to the party. This is nice because it is always great to dress up and go out with someone, rather than slogging to the party all by yourself. You will feel better about things if you have someone on your arm during party time, and you can enjoy the whole adventure of it. Plus, you know you’ll get to fuck later.


You Have Someone to Talk To

If you bring a meet and fuck friend to the party, you will have someone to talk to. And with your ulterior motive underlying the night, that you will end up with your hookup in your bed for casual sex, you can use your talk together as flirtatious banter. Just make sure your uncles or your nosy co-workers don’t hear exactly what you are up to!


You Will Stop the Questions

One very important reason to take a hookup date to a holiday party is that it will stop all the line of questions about when you are going to “meet someone nice” and “start settling down.” With a fuck friend in tow, you will stop these questions even before they start. Now your aunts will need to keep your mouth shut, and your co-workers will need to stop their ribbing.


You Know Who You Are Going Home With

At the end of the day, the best reason to take your date to a holiday party is that you will know exactly who you are going to go home with at the end of the night to fuck. This will build suspense for you as you go through the party. It will also give you someone to smile at across the crowded room. The build-up to a night of fun, casual sex is often a reward in itself!

Although it definitely sounds like an untraditional plan with a hookup date, taking someone you met on meet and fuck app to a holiday party can actually be a good thing. You will be able to build suspense and excitement for the night ahead, you can engage in some fun role play with your family or co-workers around watching, and you will have a solid plan for who you are going home with. As holiday plans go, this is definitely a great one!