If you want to try out a hookup website, but want to make sure you do it the right way, then follow the tips below. Using a fuck website is a great way for you to meet local singles in your area and eventually meet up for some fun casual sex. But there is a cautionary tale below about a few things to avoid when it comes to meet and fuck websites, so you are not putting people off. Make sure you don’t do any of the below if you actually want to fuck or hook up with someone you meet on a fuck site. Avoid them, and your odds of finding a great fuckbuddy will improve.


Acting Too Good For It

People don’t like a know-it-all. If you are acting like you are too good for a fuck site, that is going to turn people away. You’re there because you’re DTF, right? You are there for exactly the same reason as everybody else, so you aren’t really that special. Go in being yourself with a little bit of humility, and all will be well.


Typical Small Talk

Let’s face it. People’s time is valuable. And they don’t want to spend a bunch of time wasted on small talk. So when you are on a meet and fuck app, get right to the heart of the matter rather than spending a lot of time talking about things that don’t matter. Instead of talking about nothing, have a list of questions ready to ask so you can get some meaningful answers. Asking about careers and hobbies is a good place to start.


Too Many Group Pictures

If you are trying to use a hookup website, make sure that you sell yourself with some pictures. And when you do, you need to focus on pictures of only yourself, not just pictures of you in a group. People want to see the real you, and this is a great way to show off the particular aspects of your personality that you want to shine. If people have to dig around to find you in a group picture, that is not very easy to do, and they will automatically be turned off.



Although it should go without saying, it does bear repeating that you need to tell the truth about your fuck website information. Honestly is the best policy at a time like this, and you need to express the real you. Make sure when you talk about your looks or job or career, you are forthcoming about who you really are. The worst possible scenario would be if you ended up liking someone and wanted to take it further but had to backtrack about who you were!

If you are trying to find some fun on a hookup website, make sure you follow the tips above, so you don’t end up being a turn-off to those you are interested in talking to. This way, you will enjoy some time with people that might even turn into something more permanent!